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The land parcel is an interesting one. It hugs the side of Mount Sophia, sloping from Sophia Road at the top, to Handy Road at the bottom. Very few sites in Singapore are on such a steep gradient, since we are a notoriously flat city. This offers exciting architectural possibilities. It will be more expensive to build, but the eventual development will be unique and distinctive.

It is crucial to only engage with the official Direct Developer Team to assist you in understanding all the features related to the show flat. We can assure you that our sales representatives are well trained d to give you the right information. By engaging with the Direct Developers Team, you would be offered with the Direct developers price & discounts . You can be reassured that there is absolutely no agent commission.

Important Note: We are selling every day, incase if you wish to  book unit, please call our developer sales hotline  +65 67707757  to reserve your dream unit  before you visit show flat to avoid any further disappointment